When You Have No Heat Check These Simple Steps Before You Call Fleet!!

A- Make sure your thermostat is set ABOVE room temperature.
B- Make your emergency switch is on the "
ON " position.
C- Make sure you check your oil level to see if you didn't run out of fuel.
D-If you have a steam system check your water level and refill as needed.
E- if your boiler or furnace is out of on reset, press the re-set button ONLY once no more if this doesn't correct the problem
DO NOT keep hitting the reset button.
F- If your furnace or boiler has no power check the step B again as there are two safety switches one in the (stairway switch) and also one on the boiler/furnace. If they are both in the "
ON" position, check your fuse panel for a tripped breaker.
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At Fleet Fuel INC, we do our best to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to an emergency, so if your heating system gives you trouble give us a call and let us worry about it.

If You Have an Emergency call us at! 401-647-7744

A- No hot water ( see list above for some quick fixes )
B. No heat ( see list above for some quick fixes )
C. Have oil leaking!
D. If you have Soot, Fumes, or Smoke!

If you still can not fix it, give us a call right a way at 401-647-7744
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