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The Pine HF-75 a€“ Coal Heating Stove
The Pine is a classic, stylish, Hand Fired Natural Draft stove. The high quality provides warm radiant heat. The Pine is very reliable and constructed to exacting standards. Enjoy the cozy comfort of quality coal heat. This stove is ideal for heating a country cottage, your home or condominium. Wake each morning to the pleasing warmth of the Pine.

Simple, Reliable & Sturdy Design

*  Easy to Operate Grate System
*  Wide Fire View Door
*  12 Hours of Unattended Burn
*  Natural Draft – No Electric Needed
*  4/1 Warranty
*  Hopper

BTU Range 75,000
Sq. Ft. Heat Capacity 1200-1800
Fuel Anthracite, Nut or Pea
Blower Size 265 CFM Standard
Flue Size 6"
Weight 500 lbs.
Height 37"
Width 24.5"
Depth 20"

Clearance To Combustibles
Side 18"
Front 18"
Pipe To Wall 18"
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